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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Acting thoughts
mini me + poo
Two things I've never quite understood were

a) Why is Whoopi Goldberg on the display outside the National Film Theatre? Gromit definitely (the finest actor of his generation!) Hitchcock, Garland and the rest, yes. But just what's she done to deserve it?

b) Why is Simon Russell Beale considered so wonderful? Even discounting Gromit, and just considering actors who've recently done major roles at the National Theatre, both Alex Jennings and Roger Allam (both fabulous in Speer, now in My Fair Lady and Privates on Parade respectively) are much both better. And they can both sing, which SRB can't (just why he won an award for Candide is a complete mystery...)

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wow, don't find too many LJers who mention Roger Allam. he's such a great actor.

This prompted me to check out the fan websites - how did you get to see him? As far as I can see, he's done nothing in the US and only one (minor) film.

I was quite surprised to realise I've been seeing him in things since 1982, first in Poppy, but then my memory for actor's names (rather than productions) is awful.

I've always taken trips to the UK every few years, when I can afford them (now that I'm on my own) and when I was younger, with my folks. we see a lot of theatre and I remember being 10 years old and seeing the original production of Les Miserables with him at the Barbican. I was hooked. any time I returned (before the glorious age of the internet) I made sure to try and ask my UK friends for info about shows he was in so I could make them a part of my trip.

Sorry I'm posting here, Dwada won't alow me to post in the community anymore. Hope you don't mind

I think working the street corner is horrible. Its bad for the village, and not clean. The women out there don't use protection most of the time because they simply don't care.
Too me, working as an escort is different. Its discreet, cleaner, and just plain better all around. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.
But when you are going to stand on a street corner, it affects society a little too much. Its too out in the open. I swear, I'll stand there, and I see kids walk by and look at me, or school buses will pass filled with little kids. It makes me feel bad.
I am not against prostitution completely. Especially if its done legitimately.

The Color Purple, that's why.

Hmm, leaving aside the issue of being Yet Another Book That Spielberg Softened Out Of All Recognition -- whatever happened to the bisexuality of the book? -- her performance in that was... ok.

The problem is that she's never managed the giddy heights of 'ok' before or since.

She's there as a token.

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