January 3rd, 2002

mini me + poo

Passed my driving test - wooh

On the second attempt, despite getting almost no sleep last night before being woken for a 8am last practice before a 9:37am test.

The practice was a mess in several places, but fortunately the actual test was not messy enough to fail :) with 13 minor faults being just under what a quick browse has revealled to be the pass limit of 15.

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mini me + poo

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A quick query - can anyone point me to a good site which explains how many Pokemon cards there are, and which card numbers are actually used in which set?

Because despite trying to put Liam off a couple of years ago - I had fun inventing new ones, my favourite being Reepov - a large bag of them proved too tempting yesterday. And a quick sort reveals several wierd things going on with the numbering systems.
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