March 24th, 2002

mini me + poo

What happened to snugglebunny69 ?

It was a journal of a bi female US swinger, detailing her sexual and emotional life with her partner with rare candor. I was rearranging my friends groups, and I wondered why it wasn't in the list - oh, the journal's gone.

My helpline experience tells me to be aware that what someone tells you over an anonymous medium like the phone could be complete fiction - for one thing, you miss out on a lot of visual clues. This goes doubly so on the net where the voice and the real-time element is gone too...

... but I don't think this was a fantasy.

Her posts were fascinating and incredibly open, but had comments turned off (and I think there was no contact details in the userinfo, but it's gone out of my browser cache) so it was difficult to let her know how they were appreciated..

Memory is telling me (flattering me?) that I was on her friends list, and it's possible she's still reading LJ.

So if you're reading this snuggles, what's happened?
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