April 3rd, 2002

mini me + poo

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So, the 'send a text message to' facility you get when you admit that LJ might as well be your home page and become a paid member...

... does doing 0771 etc for the number work for UK people, or do we need to do +44 771 etc?
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mini me + poo

The front page of today's Mirror...

... is devoted to a picture of a very short queue of people wishing to pay their last respects to the Queen Mother and a "we [ie you] should do better than this" 'story'.

YES!!! The people have spoken, and they've said 'so what?'

The 'story' is here, minus the photo sadly. Sanity is at here and here...
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mini me + poo


Tomorrow: See The Matrix for the first time at the Prince Charles. See the sublime Shockheaded Peter again, as it starts 'the run after the "last ever" run in London', this time without the Tigerlillies.

Friday: Tell you what it was like, go offline and on rollercoasters and flumes and stuff for a week.

Oh yes, packing would also be a good idea tomorrow, yes it would.
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