April 17th, 2002

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All your software is obselete

Microsoft have a list of which software they've decided to stop supporting, along with a suggested replacement. My favourite so far is

software: CPM/80 Operating System (erm, just when did MS write that, as opposed to steal from it?)
stop date: 01-Jul-1999
suggested replacement: Windows

Oh and you should replace your Edit for CPM/80 with Notepad, but your Multiplan 1.06 for CPM/80 (a spreadsheet) with Excel... for Macintosh.

Other oddities include Cinemania 94 and 95 being supported for longer (until October) than Cinemania 97 (stopped 1st April), while Win98SE is supported until 30th Jun 2004, the version of IE it shipped with is already unsupported, Word/Win 6 is ok, but not Excel 95 or Access 95...

...and that no version of MS-DOS is listed.

mini me + poo

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I'm not a huge fan of Green and Blacks chocolate (too expensive and I'm not entirely happy with the texture compared with other high cocoa content chocolates) but the GnB chocolate ice cream that's on offer at various places at the moment is really rather yummy.

He says looking at an empty tub.
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