May 28th, 2002

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Let's start again #1

The recent posts mean I am disappointed in a number of people, particularly including myself.

I apologize to those I have offended and disappointed.

Everyone has buttons, things which if pressed produce a response, and mine have been well and truly prodded over the past months. It should be possible to use the self-awareness of what they are to avoid a response which is regretted later, and I have failed to do that.

If there is anyone who wishes to continue to discuss the history behind this, including all of the 'who said what where when to who's, let's take it to private email.

If it is possible to continue to discuss the issues of the decisions in a reasonable manner, and I hope it is, then please see the next post.
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Let's start again #2

Hello lovely people. Here are some questions which I think are reasonable regarding BiCon 2001. I'd like to hear people's answers to them.

#1 Do you think that paying £2,200 to rent the accommodation for Monday night was the correct decision?

#2 (If you are a 2001 team member...) What alternatives were considered?

#3 Do you think that concealing this from everyone at the time was the correct decision?

#4 I have suggested that those of us - I'm one of them - who paid to stay elsewhere on the Monday night deserve at least an apology. Do you agree?

#5 Do you think that paying the full cost of the flight and other expenses for someone from Australia was a reasonable decision?

#6 (If you are a 2001 team member...) What financial planning was done that persuaded the team that it was affordable?

#7 What should 2002 and subsequent years do to avoid a similar situation in future?
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Theatre stuff

I've been meaning to post something about this since I saw it at the start of its run - it is definitely worth seeing,


"Don't miss the last opportunity to see 'The Island of Slaves' Pierre Marivaux's brilliant comedy. Translated and directed by Neil Barlett, starring Anita Dobson and Guy Dartnell.

'The acting here is dynamite' The Guardian. 'There is no fresher, or more startling play on the London stage.' Daily Telegraph

SPECIAL OFFER £10 tickets for all performances (excluding Mondays and subject to availability)

Call the ticket office on 020 8741 2311 and quote 'Lyric e-mail offer'"
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