May 31st, 2002

mini me + poo

SHP - good news and bad news

The good news is that the current run of Shockheaded Peter is vastly better than it was in the previews: tonight was very good.

They've sorted the sound balance out and the actors and musicians are now very comfortable with each other. They've had enough time to play, and there are some minor changes - we see a new talent of Julian's, for example, and I'd swear that [new item in the nightmare scene] is new.

The bad news is that the run definitely ends on the 15th June, so you've not got long to see it. And a couple of the visual jokes have gone, but overall this is as good as the original 'with the Tiger Lillies' version was most nights.
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mini me + poo

I do like automatic route planners

How the Railtrack website suggests getting to Staines on Sunday, arriving before 9:00.

Suggestion one:

Leave at 0:38, arrive East Croydon 0:52.
Leave East Croydon at 5:23....

It does say 'prolonged stop'.

And at least they've fixed the problem that meant it used to suggest the way to get from Waterloo East to Waterloo (a two minute walk across the footbridge between the two) was to go by train to Charing Cross (across the Thames), change to the Northern Line and take the tube back to Waterloo!
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