November 9th, 2002

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JoJo sat though, entranced, the entire Ring cycle this afternoon. Admittedly it was the Les Grooms 90 minute version - after five minutes they say "we're now forty minutes in" and keep track like that until with about a quarter of a hour until the end "there's still four hours to go!".

But the queue of people to tell me how impressed they were with her was longer than the queue of people congratulating the performers (and they were very good!)

The way she blew little raspberries when someone was playing the digiridoo probably helped :)

It's free, it's on again at 4pm tomorrow, at the Barbican.

Oh, and remember how jealous I was that Philip Glass was doing Koyaanisqatsi live in Edinburgh? It's at the Barbican in January :)) along with Dracula :)) and three others.
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