February 1st, 2003

mini me + poo

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It was 2:45 pm in the UK when there was a news flash on the radio to say that NASA had lost contact with the shuttle. When they said at what point in the mission it was, I immediately thought 'heat shield failure'.

I was slightly surprised it wasn't bigger news on the regular programmes, but I suppose there aren't any pictures like those of the Challenger disaster.

I am trying to remember where I read that the probability of a catastrophic failure in a shuttle mission is around 1%.
mini me + poo

Poo - phew

Poo - I've just realised I've missed the BBC2 TV showing of the new Royal Opera House production of Mozart's The Magic Flute - being the ROH, they call it Die Zauberflote, of course.

Phew - there's a love radio broadcast on 10th February on Radio 3.

Now why have two broadcasts?