September 5th, 2003

mini me + poo

Press coverage of BiCon

Well, the North American Conference on Bisexuality, anyway.

Bisexual conference about to happen, Fritz Klein "appalling" shock:

Congresswoman to speak at X-rated confab

Bisexual conference happened, yesthattom appealling shock:

Congresswoman at XXX-rated sex meeting

I love the way it acquired two more Xs!

You get three copies of a magazine for donating any amount to WorldNetDaily. I'm extremely tempted to donate a cent.
mini me + poo

Unbounded optimism

From some 'buy twenty zillion email addresses' spam:

If you have received this email in error, please accept my humble apologies. However, before you delete it, I respectfully ask a favor of you. Would you be kind enough to forward this email to someone who, in your estimation, may find it beneficial to them?
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