September 17th, 2003

mini me + poo

Language development

One of the unexpected delights of having a toddler about is seeing her learn English.

So back in May (when she was 18 months old) I counted all the words she used while we were away for a week - 144, excluding names and animal noises. I probably missed a few too.

At that point, she was using two word phrases like 'other chair', 'dog walk', and 'daddy phone' plus the odd three word one, like the ever popular 'not want it!'.

We get our internet connection via HomeChoice which has a 'video on demand' (like having a TiVo with a very full disc drive) service, including a large selection of music videos. And she likes some of those a lot.

So last night it was, 'Daddy, I want Cheeky Girls, the holiday one'.

I don't know whether to be delighted at the language skills or disappointed at the musical taste - the original 'Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)' single was much better :))
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PC hardware request

Does anyone have a spare IDE cable lying around? The old 40 wire ones will be fine - the drive it'll be attached to is way too old to appreciate an 80 wire one. And if I go out and buy one, it'll probably double the budget to fix this PC :/
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