November 14th, 2003

mini me + poo

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Phew. Rarely have I been so glad the wind was coming from the right direction for my journey.

Normally what happens is that it's in my face on the way into work, but the weather system moves during the day that it's in my face on the way back too!

Today, it was fairly calm in the morning, but it's now distinctly 'blustery'.
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mini me + poo

Windows geekery request

For some reason, the file open/save/whatever dialogue on my copy of Win2k has decided its default view should be to list files in descending order of size.

How do I persuade it to sort by name when it opens?

(Obviously, I can do view / details / click on the 'name' header to do this, but I want it to be the default again.)
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