December 4th, 2003

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drdoug's 'Beliefs which I once held which I now think are wrong' meme

The big one is "That no-one would buy Magic: The Gathering."

I can't find it on google groups, but there was a post way back on (or r.g.d.board) from someone called Richard who said something along the lines of 'I have this card game that people seem to like and we're thinking of selling if we can raise the money. You both have a subset of cards from a very large deck - which you don't have all of and will have to buy in small pieces, like trading cards - and you don't know what the other has, so there are plenty of surprises. Oh, and if you lose, you have to give them some of your cards.'

I thought, "No-one's going to want to play that, never mind buy it. Where's the fun in being trumped by a super-whizzo card you've never even heard of? Where's the skill element? You can't be sure of getting any particular card - you can bet they're not going to let you pick which you get in the packs. And after splashing all that money, you have to give the cards away?? Nah."

Several billion card sales later...

... I'll confess I still can't see the appeal. There are lots of better card games out there. But I was wrong. And had I put up the some of the money he was looking for...

Oh, another belief is that "People will not pay large sums of money to have a crap website."
mini me + poo

Kill Bill vol 1, finally

I'm somewhere between Emmy and the rest, really.

RD was great, although given how much of it was a straight lift, there was no excuse for it not being so.
PF is a genuine masterpiece.
JB... oh dear.

KBv1? Well, when the attribution to the opening quotation comes up, it's clear that this is film-making with its head so far up its own arse, it can probably see daylight. And, yep, there is plenty of 'look at me look at me' stuff in there.

But it certainly has moments. Even if some of them are nicked from other films. And often not done as well as the original - that wire work is second rate.

I'll see vol 2, and his next one (will that be announced as the fifth or sixth film, I wonder?) but I may not see the one after that.
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