July 16th, 2004

mini me + poo

"Labour dominated the campaign in Leicester South"

.. said Patricia Hewitt - after they'd lost it.

Must be a new meaning to the word 'dominate'...

Congratulations to the LibDem campaign which resulted in the first ethnic minority MP for the party since Dadabhai Naoroji in 1892.

[The spell checker wants to replace 'Patricia' with 'Patrician', which is probably apt for someone who used to be a radical.]
mini me + poo

An 84% match...

While waiting for the Home Office to finally publish the consultation paper on the prostitution laws, I notice that guardiansoulmates is offering free subscriptions (for a month or two) to the first two thousand people who upload a profile.

OK, why not?

It tells me there's someone who's an 84% match for me, do I want to save them in my favourites? OK, yes.

I look at my favourites... and it's me!

Ah, the perils of dating sites with not that many subscribers: the way they do their URLs show that there are about five hundred freebies to go.
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