September 22nd, 2004

mini me + poo

Well, it is about going through Europe...

FLAC - 'Free Lossless Audio Codec' - is a way of making sound files smaller without losing any of the content (unlike, say, MP3 which throws away information to help reduce the size in the hope that you can't hear the difference...)

Because it's lossless, it's a favourite of a website for people who tape concerts and then share the results.

One such concert was the one Kraftwerk played at Tribal Gathering a few years ago: the BBC broadcast part of it live.

Thanks to looking for something else, I can now say that the .flac file containing Trans Europe Express has, somewhere inside, the bytes 70 61 73 74 61 (in hex), or, in ASCII, 'pasta'.
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mini me + poo

SCEE are a pee

From the press release about the new 'mini' PS2 console...

Since its launch in November 2000, PlayStation 2, now in its fifth year has reached a consumer installed base of nearly 24 million units in the PAL territories. The exciting new design, combined with the price reduction in August to €149 will position PlayStation 2 for ever greater success over the next half of its life.

Erm #1: to Nov 2001 was its first year, 2002 second, 2003 third, and so as we're still two months from Nov 2004, it's in its fourth year.

Erm #2: if new PS2s are being sold here in November 2008, I'll give oral sex to the PR droid that wrote this c.r.a.p., never mind what I'd do if they sell another 24 million of them.
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