April 30th, 2005

mini me + poo

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Two films on UK TV over the weekend are The Godfather (Five, tomorrow) and Raging Bull (last night, BBC1).

The reviewers for Metro Life, the free listings magazine with the city's main paper, give marks out of five.

Both these get... four.

FOUR !?!?

Just what do you have to do to get five?
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mini me + poo

"It's funny.. because someone else said that, and I thought they were mad..."

I don't normally watch it, but thanks to Jonny Nexus for pointing out an episode of Property Ladder.

He spent £93k without telling his wife. Or getting a structural survey on a listed property that's a mess and falling down.

It's not even particularly nice. He wants to make it worse, but expects to make £57k profit. The experts tell him things - like the structural work will cost £50k alone - but he doesn't listen.

Who do I pitch Property Ladder: The Divorces to?

Just noticed: this is being repeated Ch4 4:55pm today.
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