June 8th, 2005

mini me + poo

I'd expect that most women sexually active with men

..have bought a pregnancy test at some point.

Because we get through a lot of condoms at work, one of the condom companies send us various free samples of things.

Yesterday, it was two different sorts of pregnancy test. There's a 'dip this special paper in fresh urine' one, and a slightly fancier one that also works with urine that's been kept cool for up to 48 hours.

How much do you think they cost, if you get them in lots of 25?
mini me + poo

Ah, that's what's going on

My window at work overlooks the back of the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre.

(Ideally placed for those "My Ideal Home Has No Daily Mail" signs and for heckling the talentless arriving for The Brits etc.)

It's been quite busy this week, with crowds of young people arriving throughout the day.

Turns out it's a graduate recruitment fair.

The naughty me is so tempted to have a sign that says "Media studies degree? You'll probably need our services soon..."
mini me + poo

OK then... pregnancy test poll

I'll post this somewhere else later, so any "you've missed out my situation" responses would be good.

Poll #508791 Pregnancy tests

I am a woman and...

I've had several
I've one
I've had sex with men, but I've never thought I've been pregnant, so I've never had one
I've had sex with men, and thought I've been pregnant, but never actually had one
I've never had sex with men, so have never had one

I am a man and...

at least one female partner of mine has had one
although I've had sex with women, as far as I know, no female partner of mine has had one
I've never had sex with women
mini me + poo

Pregnancy tests - how much?

In lots of 25, the 'dip this paper' one costs 50p each, inc VAT. The 'works with stored urine' one is £1.

If you've ever bought one over the counter at the chemist, you probably remember them costing Rather More Than That, albeit in a different form ('hold this pen-like stick in the flow of urine' is the type I've seen, avoiding the need to pee in something).

I'm tempted to order a pile for sale, at cost, at somewhere like BiCon. They claim a shelf-life of about two years.