October 21st, 2005

mini me + poo

Why you probably haven't seen me online / had email from me recently

It'd have helped if Partition Magic was honest about what its system requirements really were, but a theoretically simple upgrade managed to stop my PC from booting thanks it to going 'oooh, there's something odd about the partition table' and going ahead with changing it anyway.

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So I've used this as excuse to put in a new hard drive and install WinXP Pro on it, dual booting along with Ubuntu.

For some curious reason, XP has decided that its partition, the only one it can see, should be... G:\

Erm, why?!? I'm slightly reluctant to reinstall it (although I've not done much with it) because that either means reinstalling Ubuntu (which has had more done in it) or faffing around with tools I no longer trust as much as I once did...
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mini me + poo

If David Davies loses the Tory leadership election

I hope someone asks him if he regrets not contesting the previous one.

I still think a) he knows that had he stood, he would have beaten Michael Howard but b) he chose to step aside then because he knew the Tories would lose the general election. Why be yet another losing Tory leader?

Well, because instead of resigning after the general election, all it would have taken is a 'no-one expected us to come this close a year ago, see you in Number Ten after the next election' speech and he'd have been happily in place now, instead of wondering if he can beat someone who hardly anyone had heard of a couple of months ago.