May 8th, 2007

mini me + poo

Who'll be first against the wall, come the revolution?

OK, there's this Kiwi couple living in London. They're currently renting a one bed place in London's South Hampstead.

She's pregnant, he's starting a new business which she will do some work for. They expect to take £30k out of the expected business turnover of £100k a year to pay themselves.

Oh, yes, they have a property in NZ which they're renting out, but that doesn't cover the mortgage, so they're spending four hundred a month on that. (Until next year, when their fixed interest rate deal finishes and the rate they pay goes up by about 2%!)

They're looking to stay in the UK for at least five years and may want to go home afterwards. They're looking to buy somewhere to live in during that time and do have about £30k in savings, which they're reluctant to touch.

Who should be put in front of a wall and shot? Collapse )