March 7th, 2010

mini me + poo

"Ah ha ha ha" is what I call Act II Scene 1

Yesterday, I saw Satyagraha at ENO again. It's only the good ones I see more than once, so please take this as a recommendation :)

Annoyingly. the proper half price ticket booth in Leicester Square didn't have this available in the morning, so I didn't make a day of it, but they were shown on the site in the afternoon. They turned out to be £15, for the back of the dress circle. Bargain.

You miss some of the projections of the translated extracts, but a) you can get those on free handouts, b) they don't really add much and c) if you leave it late to sit down / wait until the first interval, you can probably sit down somewhere where you can (further forward, but probably off to the sides).

Yesterday and Friday showed me that it's clearly been a while since I have been in various bits of London I am normally very familiar with. I hadn't realised they've demolished the roof of the old previous Blackfriars station, for example. Interesting to look down and see the work on the tube station too.