March 30th, 2012

mini me + poo

Panic buying

Yes today I bought a small pile of stamps. Surprisingly, the local sub office had lots. (I went for the comics commemorative.)

On Wednesday, I went to Alton Towers as my annual pass expires in a few days and there is no way I am going there in a school holiday. While walking around, I found a full price adult ticket, effective as a £42 discount for buying another annual pass (taking it down to about eighty quid) but I wasn't tempted to get one.

It didn't help that the first ride I did was the new Nemesis Sub-terra. My suggested name is Nemesis Was That It? When the highlight of the visit - despite the original Nemesis and Air still being great - was the way the ride operator of the runaway train goes 'choo choo' as you pass the loading station, you know it is time for a break from going there. (I am still looking forward to Parc Asterix with JA in June.)

On the way back, I missed the best turn for Newark and ended up going past the Asda which is the cheapest petrol around. Yes, there was a small queue partly because half the pumps were out of fuel. And yes, there was someone filling plastic containers. Sigh.

There doesn't seem to be any panic or shortage in Newark itself...

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