June 19th, 2012

mini me + poo

Insert witty reference to the Noel Coward play...

I think I have had hay fever twice. Once at the Walton by-election in Liverpool (scorchingly hot weather, urban pollution, dubious condition of the building that was the HQ) and once on an LBG picnic on Hampstead Heath (the first sunny day after a week of rain, it was the pollen centre of the universe that afternoon).

But on Tuesday, I had a very sore throat. Something caught in Paris (lovely time there, more later) perhaps? It got considerably better on Wednesday, but was back with a vengeance on Thursday and Friday. Since then, the throat has been somewhat better (it's going 'hello, hello, remember me' at the moment rather than 'who's using the sandpaper on me?') but I have had a tickly throat cough. Yesterday daytime was more or less ok (a couple of sessions of coughing) but the past two nights have been difficult, with coughing and eye watering.

Annoyingly, although it's easy to find websites predicting what the pollen count will be, it's harder to find ones that say what it's been.

Anyway, I'm trying an antihistamine - Loratadine - for possibly the first time ever and we'll see what effect that has. It's a 'non-drowsy' one, but given how much continuous sleep I've had the past few nights, it was tempting to get one that may cause drowsiness...

Oh, does anyone remember the year of that picnic: we were under a lone tree, surrounded by acres of grass, with a gentle breeze blowing most of the pollen towards us? The bi phoneline was still going, and that morning was the last time I talked to a particular caller.

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