June 21st, 2012

mini me + poo

Dangerous #2

While waiting for a play to start at the cinema last Saturday, I had a browse on shiny.

ElReg (the Register Hardware, actually) topically had ten father's day gift ideas:

An iPad audio docking thingy, yawn;

An Roomba-like floor washer, yawn;

The Kobo Touch eReader, if I were going to get one, this is the one I'd get, but...;

A wrist massager to help you sleep, erm if I want to sleep, I can use another form of wrist exercise;

A clip on lens for your iPhone's ishy camera to give 360 degree views, yawn, that's what Hugin is for with better cameras;

A fitness watch with GPS to measure how far you've run, yawn;

A satnav, yawn;

A smartphone controlled quadricopter, quite nice but crap flight time and not for £280;

Some headphones, yawn; and last of all... Collapse )

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