December 2nd, 2012

mini me + poo

Last night, I dreamt of Deptford again

No, not really, but I did visit the market for the first time in well over a year. It used to be somewhere I went every Saturday - JA had a dance class nearby. (That's something that she hasn't kept up.) I looked in, to see if the teachers were free, but it was in the middle of a class.

We often used to eat at a noodle bar that was a complete bargain, especially the squeezed in front of you fruit juices. One measure of her growing up was the increasing amount of mine she ate. A plate was about £3.25 for more than most people could eat, and they were happy to let us share, especially as we often had four drinks between us. Sadly, they sold out to someone who turned it into a buffet - wider choice, but considerably more expensive and not as good.

One highlight of the market is the junk section and that's still going strong with the odd bargain in the haystack of utter junk to look for.

I didn't have time to hunt them out, because I was actually there to go to the sowing machine shop for what I am told is called a shuttle aka what the bobbin goes in. (The original one had gone missing.) That achieved, I had a look in the two charity shops. One has gone downhill - from my perspective - and is now almost entirely clothes, but the other one had Lost Cities: the Board Game (as opposed to the original card game) for £2. Note past tense :-)

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