September 17th, 2014

mini me + poo

A tale of one bet 2

Ah ha, Jens Voigt is having a go at the Hour Record tomorrow.

I've used another free bet to say that he won't break it tomorrow. He certainly wouldn't do so if he had to use a Merckx-style bike, and quite a lot can go wrong. He's also not a great time-trial rider - his speciality was long breakaways and that's a very different style of riding (you have hills and things..) My prediction is that he'll be on schedule to do it for quite a while, but drop off the pace in the last 15 minutes.

But if he does manage it, it just makes it harder for Wiggins to get it = the main bet looks better.

The footballer has finally scored too, so that's another free bet available.

Update: he did make it. I'm very happy for him, even though I would have preferred it was postponed for a day :)

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