Ian (lovingboth) wrote,


That's lost most of you :)

An unexpected opportunity to go out yesterday meant I got to see ENO's new production of A Masked Ball before the more usual having to leave it to the last performance.

It's the 'controversial' one, opening with a row of men sitting on the toilet. (Despite my row D seat, I couldn't see if they were wearing two pairs of underpants.) You can get an idea of the content by the way that I missed all but the last second of the simulated oral sex in the background of one scene because of the simulated intercourse (and this time you could see everything) at the front.

Unlike the director's dire attempt at Don Giovanni last autumn, this one works. As ever, if the characters were poly, the plot would fall over... but it does have an interesting plot unlike some. And being Verdi, the songs have tunes.

Tickets start at £3, how can you say no?

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