May 26th, 2016

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Musical dozen meme

List 12 albums that made a lasting impression on you, but only one per band/artist. (No compilations.) Don't take long and don't think too hard.

1. Autobahn - Kraftwerk. They did better ones, but this was when the electronic future of pop was made clear. One of the first batch of four albums I bought, back in 1974.

2. Don Giovanni - Music Theatre London. Sadly it's a 'highlights' rather than the complete opera. There are ones with much better musical playing (this was a very small band rather than an orchestra) but this is the translation I hear in my head when listening to a production in Italian.

3. Kimono My House - Sparks. The second album from 1974, this one is intelligent guitar pop starting with the best song to ever get to #2.

4. Shockheaded Peter - The Tiger Lillies. The album of what remains the greatest theatre show that has ever existed.

5. Chicago The Musical - 1997 US cast. Better than the original US and UK versions, and the UK one of the same time, and vastly better than the dire film version. Listen to the performances and musical direction on this one!

6. Mishima - Philip Glass. Wonderful soundtrack to a great film. Akhnaten (opera) or Koyaanisqatsi (soundtrack) would be alternatives.

7. Welcome to the Glitterdome - Erasure. One of my favourite concerts was broadcast on BBC Radio 1. This is the bootleg.

8. Billy Bishop Goes to War - John Gray and Eric Peterson. It's the album of the show, a two person piece on the liar and cheat who became the greatest Canadian hero of WWI, the pilot Billy Bishop VC. I saw it in Edinburgh in the early 80s, the BBC did a version which I still have a VHS copy of, and I see there's a DVD of a later production by the same duo. A quite amazing look at what it was to be a pilot then '.. and maybe you'll get.. a little older!'

9. Escape From New York - John Carpenter with Alan Howarth. One of the great Carpenter soundtracks.

10. The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - Rick Wakeman. Another one from the 70s, but '75 rather than '74. Over the top prog rock.

11. Carmen Jones - UK cast. Superb version of the Carmen adaptation.

12. Lola Rennt - Tom Tykwer, Klimek, Heil. Soundtrack to the film. Most of it is great techno, but I skip the remixes.

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