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This may just be me being thick, but

... what's the point of the '3 day travelcards' that are being introduced to London from January?

They're touted as a partial replacement for the weekend travelcard (which gave a 25% discount over the cost of two one-day cards) but...

  • There are only two kinds: 1-2 and 1-6

  • The 1-6 provides zero saving (£18 vs £6x3 off-peak, or £36 vs £12x3 peak - weekdays before 9:30)

  • The 1-2 only has a peak version (but does save you money: £15 vs £6x3)

  • The leaflet makes the point that because Sat & Sun are off-peak days, you'd be stupid to buy two peak cards in a week: it'd be cheaper to get single day cards instead for one of them

To add insult to injury, the LT cards (allow peak-time travel on tube, bus, DLR etc but not trains) are going: everyone who can get to work without using the train is going to be charged more anyway.

I presume they've still not implemented the promised feature of Oyster cards whereby if you buy enough single tickets, it will start behaving as a travelcard thus saving you money...

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