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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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That 1988 Cosmo survey
mini me + poo
I'll have the full questionnaire and all their analysis up 'soon', but the most interesting points are now at http://www.ukbi.info/archive/cosmo/.

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Gosh, I remember '88. I think it takes something like to this to remind me that things have in fact improved some.

I wonder who bisexual men were supposed to sleep with? If they slept with men they automatically got Aids, if they slept with women they automatically passed it on...

You can see the temptation to stay in the closet, can't you?

Not that it was much easier for bi women. The two reasons I remember one LBG committee meeting around that time are the three women present going 'no!', 'No!!', 'NO!!!' to Marcus being co-opted (with only five in total there, there didn't seem any point in arguing...) and their conversation where one had moaned about being rejected by women in lesbian bars/clubs/spaces when she said she was bisexual.

"Just lie!" said the other two in unison.

thanks- but arrrrghhh, how badly designed was *that* questionnaire?!!!

not that I'm surprised, just, y'know...

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