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I'm sorry, but it's so difficult to resist...

In June last year, someone was wondering which DTP program would be a better bet to teach students.

A number of people disagreed when I said Quark was the Word Perfect of DTP - a formerly dominant but outdated program (in its media niche) in the process of being overthrown - and Adobe InDesign was the one to go for:

"Quark. Quark quark quark quark quark quark. I work in a design company. The professionals here wouldn't touch anything else. I assume they know what they're talking about."

"If they want to have jobs later they should use Quark. If you want them to make tea at a designers, give them PageMaker. And if they are to sleep rough after they graduate give them [InDesign]."

So what's happened since?

The Guardian & Observer have dumped Quark and gone to InDesign.

The BBC's forty-odd magazines have dumped Quark and gone to InDesign.

And what prompted this was browsing National Magazines and seeing that they - Cosmopolitan, Company, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Best, Prima et al - have dumped Quark and gone to InDesign.

I'm sure there are more...
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