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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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I'm sorry, but it's so difficult to resist...
mini me + poo
In June last year, someone was wondering which DTP program would be a better bet to teach students.

A number of people disagreed when I said Quark was the Word Perfect of DTP - a formerly dominant but outdated program (in its media niche) in the process of being overthrown - and Adobe InDesign was the one to go for:

"Quark. Quark quark quark quark quark quark. I work in a design company. The professionals here wouldn't touch anything else. I assume they know what they're talking about."

"If they want to have jobs later they should use Quark. If you want them to make tea at a designers, give them PageMaker. And if they are to sleep rough after they graduate give them [InDesign]."

So what's happened since?

The Guardian & Observer have dumped Quark and gone to InDesign.

The BBC's forty-odd magazines have dumped Quark and gone to InDesign.

And what prompted this was browsing National Magazines and seeing that they - Cosmopolitan, Company, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Best, Prima et al - have dumped Quark and gone to InDesign.

I'm sure there are more...

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Quark is over charged and over fluffed. I have to use it, but I have had InDesign for a few years now and well still trying to get my head round it, but plan to use it as my own preference.

Oh, it was love at first sight (ok, love at version 1.5!) for me, but then I have to work with text more than graphics and its text facilities are wonderful.

I am sure I remember this very same discussion when it came to my workplace aswell - I believe you were involved in that too...


Ho humm :-)

Those quotes should have appeared in your inbox before :)

Which one did you go for in the end?

We went for Indesign.

Easily won hands down, on a variety of things like cost, and the ability to be easily taught!

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