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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Not rabbiting...
mini me + poo
From an ad in the Metro on Wednesday (one of those stupid 'lowest unique bid' auctions lotteries): "the most unique price". I can't remember the site, and Google returns about 1.3 million pages for the phrase "most unique".

What is it with Americans and breasts? OMG! Breasts!! On a young adult!!!. The obscenity is in the price.

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She is wearing it backwards, isn't she?

It's silly, but no, I'd have no problem with anyone wearing that. I've persuaded girlfriends to go clubbing or to parties wearing a LOT less than that. Where's the problem?

the 'problem' is most likely, age. Don't want teachers ogling the underage hotties, no?

I wear dresses like that at work...as a stripper.

Some parents would not be terribly keen on that.

There is that. The modern western world is incredibly paranoid and reactionary about any form of underage sexual activity, which I personally don't understand at all.

A stripped dress? Well, I've got partners to dress like that before, but then, at least one of those partners *was* a poledancer. Ergo I'm not a balanced judge, I guess.

s/stripped/stripper - or stripper's. What I was getting at was that ISWYM.

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