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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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If I ever consider voting Tory
mini me + poo
Please remind me of the depths to which assorted Tory spokespeople have sunk over the issue of 'immigration' recently and this past weekend in particular.

If I still want to do it, I have clearly been taken over by an alien pod invasion and need to be killed, quickly.

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But right now on Radio Four the Tory and Labour spokesmen are explaining the same line. Only Lib-Dems are not.

There is one difference, at least - the Tory wants to put a cap on the number of even those refugees that are deemed genuine who are let in.

Yes, I've seen a couple of Tories questioned on this recently and they evade it, saying if you manage to stop illegal immigration and send away those illegals who get here it will all be ok. But actually a huge proportion of all those who appeal being sent back are found to have been wrongly refused permission to stay, which is worrying if the procedure is going to be 'streamlined'.

It's a deal.
You and me both.

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