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It's mime, but it's good #1

Part of my birthday outing was seeing the Umbilical Brothers at the Peacock Theatre, London.

They're mime, but they're good... very good.

When I saw they were going to be part of the Leicester Comedy Festival a few weeks ago, I almost went up there to see them again.

The show on Saturday evening was quite full in the stalls (although we got our tickets from the half-price Tkts booth in Leicester Square) but they mentioned that earlier in the run they had 75 people in the 1,000 seat venue and one of them was the reviewer from The Times.

All I can say is that lots of people must have forgotten how funny they were when they've been over here before.

It's on for another week: go go go.

(Oh, I suspect that if you buy the cheapest circle tickets from the venue, you'll be bumped up to a stalls seat.)

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