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Proof that Stuff magazine really is for people with more money than sense

How much for StuffBroadband?!? It gets worse when you see the setup and hardware costs on a subsequent page.

I couldn't find the Terms&Conditions - when someone's being ripped off to this extent, you just know there are usage limits too - so looked at the home page of the company that mugs actually deal with and gives Stuff's publishers a cut.

Gosh, they were just Tiscali resellers who, for some strange reason, have just had to give up and now all the customers will now deal with Tiscali direct.

Tiscali will sell you a 1M connection for £24.99 a month (with a 30G a month trigger for possibly being thrown off), less than half of the price of the exclusive Stuff package.

(They'll also sell you it for £15.99 with a 2G cap, but you'd have to be silly to go for that...)

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