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Cheap holidays in other people's opera houses

Londoners may have seen the "Thousands of FREE return flights to Europe and UK" competitions in the Evening Standard a couple of weeks ago.

On the day I did it, the choice was between Dublin (Tues-Thurs) or Prague (Mon-Fri, up to the end of May or mid Sept to end of Oct), and I went for the latter.

Yesterday, I discover I'm a happy winner :)

Hmm, when to go?

It turns out that EUJet's flights to Prague are Tues morning, Fri evening - clearly going for the 'weekend getting pissed in Prague' market - and Sunday afternoon, flying back Tues pm, late Friday and Sunday evening. Ruling out the Sunday flights (not in my prize) that means Tues - Fri.

A quick look at the Prague opera site meant that mid Oct looked best, with Aida, Don Giovanni and Rigoletto on at the city's three opera houses. Gosh, they're cheap.

The only problems look to be somewhere to stay - I've booked an Ibis, but if someone knows of somewhere good, let me know - and getting back from the airport on the Friday. Annoyingly, the flight is timed to just miss the last trains to London and also be just too late to stay at the Youth Hostels in nearby Margate and Broadstairs.

I do love the way that EUJet's map of the location of 'Kent International Airport' (ie Marston) makes it look as if it could be just west of Canterbury rather than just south of Margate, ie the very north east tip of Kent.

I'm less keen on the way that although Prague airport's website has a nice arrivals/departures board, and is happy to tell me how much charges would be, where its electricity supply comes from, how heavy and noisy my plane can be and even at what angle it should fly to land there... it doesn't seem to have anything on how you get from there to the city and back again.

So Prague... apart from the opera, what's worth doing / seeing? You can assume that endless litres of lager does not appeal to me :)

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