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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Dear NHS employees
mini me + poo
Any chance of 'borrowing' your Athens username and password? It allows web access to BMJ Journals, apparently, if you are in the London, South-West, Northern & Yorkshire and Trent areas. Promise I won't be naughty with it - I don't even know what Athens is...

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i have an athens username and password thru uni

I can email you the username and password if you like

A 'British Medical Journal' journal - the BMJ is one of the main medical publications and it's spawned a number of other journals. They're online, but apart from the most recent issue, to see the full text as opposed to abstracts needs a subscription.

It turns out (and I think this is fairly recent) that some National Health Service districts have a general subscription. Just why some areas have this and not others is one of the joys of the NHS, I suspect.

After that hoax virus alert, shouldn't it be your cheeks pulsating red? :)

shhh... i was only trying to be helpful... *pouts*

i dunno if it'll give you access to BMJ, but i have membership and code to the Toronto Ref Lib's online Database of various Journals, and there is a medical section, in which i think the BMJ might be in... so if you want to check it out, send me an email

Might be able to help- have access to such stuff through the uni I work for :>

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