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So what else is someone going to the cinema last night to see?

A film with...

...a complete division between the good and the evil, with the latter driven by power and greed

...a script that's a bit ishy in places

...fabulous fight scenes

...a hero who, when he kills / disables people with guns, doesn't pick them up, but prefers a hand-to-hand weapon like a sabre

...a villian who uses the good guy's spirituality for evil

...an ending you can spot as soon as the final confrontation starts

...in-jokes for the observant fans

Yes, Ong-Bak has jaw-droppingly good sections, with more spine-tingling stunts than almost any other film since Jackie Chan's peak. When you have a star and a flight/stunt director as good as these, who cares about the clichés in the script?

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