Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Getting a Win2k PC to act as a web proxy for a Linux PC

The set up: PC A, Win2k, attached to the internet and also to PC B, Linux (Ubuntu 5.04) via 100Mbit ethernet.

What I want to happen: B to use A as a proxy server for webpages. I do not want or need A or B to look at each other's files, so Samba is not set up on B.

What does happen: A and B can ping each other. If I run a webserver on A, B can see the pages.

But... although I know the proxy server (AnalogX's Proxy) works at work on a Win2k PC with Win98SE clients, it's not working here. B is set up to use a proxy, port 6588 on the IP address of A (which it can ping and get pages directly from, remember).

A's firewall knows to let Proxy be a server, but according to Proxy's logfile, it's not getting any requests.

What do I need to do? Surprisingly, although I'd have thought this was a fairly common requirement, I can't find anything helpful via google. People seem to go the whole 'viewing each other's files' hog via Samba or don't mix Windows and Linux.

Update: ah ha, although there's a system/preferences/network proxy to set up proxies on Ubuntu, you have to tell Firefox to use proxies in a different way.

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