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I'd expect that most women sexually active with men
mini me + poo
..have bought a pregnancy test at some point.

Because we get through a lot of condoms at work, one of the condom companies send us various free samples of things.

Yesterday, it was two different sorts of pregnancy test. There's a 'dip this special paper in fresh urine' one, and a slightly fancier one that also works with urine that's been kept cool for up to 48 hours.

How much do you think they cost, if you get them in lots of 25?

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Shit, I dunno. If you buy them from Boots/supermarkets they cost anything between £10 and £20 for two. So I'd guess wholesale like that they'd be about £50 to £90 for 25?

If it's anything under 50 quid, it's just depressing cause it's generally over a tenner for 2.

The prices tend to vary depending on whether they detect 25mIU or 10mIU, but the basic 25mIU 'dip' test strips can be picked up at a few online places for around £12-13 for 50. There are varying levels of fancy that take you up to around £1 per test for the bulk buys. I'd guess the company who has sent you the samples fits somewhere in that range?

I'd expect that most women sexually active with men
..have bought a pregnancy test at some point.

I'd be interested in seeing a poll on this, because I certainly haven't...

This is a good point. I am not currently sexually active with men, and I haven't been for several years, but have bought quite a number of pregnancy tests in that time because my partner and I have been self inseminating.

A poll on this would be very interesting.

yupyup.. cos i haven't

From the other side, I've never bought one... Or been with a partner thats knowingly bought one...

I wouldn't have a clue what they cost either...

I'd guess, in bulk and wholesale, maybe as much as ten pence each. Teh markups are pretty ridiculous.

I just found out, right now - not two minutes before you blew a hole in the door - I'm pregnant.

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