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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Ah, that's what's going on
mini me + poo
My window at work overlooks the back of the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre.

(Ideally placed for those "My Ideal Home Has No Daily Mail" signs and for heckling the talentless arriving for The Brits etc.)

It's been quite busy this week, with crowds of young people arriving throughout the day.

Turns out it's a graduate recruitment fair.

The naughty me is so tempted to have a sign that says "Media studies degree? You'll probably need our services soon..."

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I like your sign idea. There are possibly thousands that could be made.
Recruitment fairs, universities offering more places than is work for - by hundreds of times. Sigh. Is it to inspire competition amongst the overqualified to push our society faster into the future, or are we just teaching our kids to fail?

...and suck cock instead?

Thanks for the laugh, needed that...*L*

Hope you are well, sorry been so 'unattainable'.

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