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OK then... pregnancy test poll
mini me + poo
I'll post this somewhere else later, so any "you've missed out my situation" responses would be good.

Poll #508791 Pregnancy tests

I am a woman and...

I've had several
I've one
I've had sex with men, but I've never thought I've been pregnant, so I've never had one
I've had sex with men, and thought I've been pregnant, but never actually had one
I've never had sex with men, so have never had one

I am a man and...

at least one female partner of mine has had one
although I've had sex with women, as far as I know, no female partner of mine has had one
I've never had sex with women

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Well I've never seriously thought I might be pregnant, paranoia aside.

In the next version I'd be interested to see how many women who've had one were trying for a baby at the time...

You do cover me here, in the general 'I've had several' category. There's a big difference for me between sex with men and trying to get/thinking I might be pregnant though. When I've been having sex with men I've never had a pregnancy scare so never taken a test following sex with a man. On the other hand I have actively tried to get pregnant with donated sperm, not through sex with a man, so have taken tests at those times.

I imagine this is not a very common experience in the lives of the people on your flist, but I might be wrong. Then there are also those people who have fertility treatments of one sort or another that remove the sex part from the proceedings.

How much were those pregnancy tests then?

The several pregnancy tests I took were all within about a week, the week in which I discovered I was pregnant. (You may remember I was posting at the time about how I couldn't stop taking them!)

*nostalgic* That was *such* a happy week.

I've never had to take one as my usual 'scares' were paranoia as much as anything as we were using double or even triple contraceptive methods at the time. I was usually able to rationalise paranoia and wait up to 4 weeks by which point menstruation happened and I considered myself in the clear (although I know some women do still have bleeding during pregnancy).

Now it isn't an issue as my partner is female. I no longer have my mother worrying about it constantly. My mum's best friend had a baby at 16 and as the mother of 3 daughters she spent most of our teens worrying madly about it.

As it was the only major thing she nagged us and worried at us about I don't mind too much in hindsight because she has/had her reasons. She desperately didn't want us to have to make difficult decisions about babies/adoption/abortion/etc.


I am not sure how many tests is 'several'. I must have had about...5 or 6? I've had two babies and one pregnancy that did not end in a baby. I was 44 and husband did not want another child and later said that he thought would not be his, although it was. I was persuaded to abort and had wanted it. Daughters of 14 and 16 very annoyed with father too.

the assumption of this survey was that sex might conceivably create a pregnancy - while i've sex with a woman - we didn't do thos kind of acts.

Problem is you either use the shorthand 'sex' or you end up with about three lines and people complain you still left out the situation where...

I've done one test only. And it was during a long period of abstinence where I couldn't have possibly been pregnant, but my body was doing some really strange things in the way of hormones. By all signs and symptoms, I could have been pregnant. Apparently.
While it makes little sense to the average person to think they're pregnant then, as there was no sex for the two or three months prior to strange hormonal reactions, I do have a nasty habit of passing out at the drop of a hat and then being hazy, mentally, afterwards. I don't trust myself as far as I could, well, throw myself.
Test came back negative, but there is an abortion clinic directly across the street. Thankfully they're on the lower side, so there's no drainage issues. Tasteless? Tastes like chicken.

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