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Pregnancy tests - how much?
mini me + poo
In lots of 25, the 'dip this paper' one costs 50p each, inc VAT. The 'works with stored urine' one is £1.

If you've ever bought one over the counter at the chemist, you probably remember them costing Rather More Than That, albeit in a different form ('hold this pen-like stick in the flow of urine' is the type I've seen, avoiding the need to pee in something).

I'm tempted to order a pile for sale, at cost, at somewhere like BiCon. They claim a shelf-life of about two years.

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Do you have any idea how tricky it is for a girl to maintain a steady flow of urine while bending over trying to position and hold a plastic stick? I'd much prefer the old 'wee in a cup' type!

I'm tempted to order a pile for sale, at cost, at somewhere like BiCon

That's a fantastic idea. Damn useful things to have about the place, if you're in a situation to need 'em. Never mind the fact that if they're that much cheaper, there's less chance of not using one while quietly stressing for a few weeks.

You might want to also point people towards

This is where I've bought all our pregnancy and ovulation tests from. They've always arrived within 2 working days in plain packaging, and cost between about 30p and £1 for the simple tests, a little more if you go for mid-stream ones.

um, yeah. As someone who suffered erratic periods, I have got totally paraniod, worried for ages and then finally cracked, and wasted quite a bit of badly needed cash at the chemists. Almost always I got a period within about six to 12 hours. Presumably the pre-mood was what tipped me into wasting the money after ages of worry.

Have you seen anything about reliability and sensitivity?

I don't know how the ones you mention at the top work, but the 'dip the stick in the flow of pee' you get over the counter in the Pharmacist's use monoclonal antibodies and are pretty sensitive these days - most of them can spot most pregnancies a day or two before the period is due.

For sensitivity, they're claiming 20 mIU, slightly worse than the 'early' ones claiming 15, but better than the standard 40s.

For accuracy "100% correlation with standard lab equipment".

Interesting - thanks.

Wish I had known, I've splashed out a couple of times. It's all a bit mean isn't it, there must be loads of people who would have used one earlier had they known.

If you order some, could you get me 5 or so? Thanks.

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