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Probably final pregnancy test thought
mini me + poo
Fascinating to see that while women who have outnumber those who haven't by 2:1 or so, for men, it's 50:50 here or 40:60 in livejournal_uk.

Gosh, do you think some women test without telling their partner? :)

Update: no, I am not in the least bit surprised that they do.

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Given that a lot of the 'partners' aren't regular relationships i'd say duh.

Gosh, do you think some women test without telling their partner?

Exactly what business it it of mine if any of my partners take a pregnancy test, unless they want it to be my business, naturally?

Of course, if there were any same-sex couples around, they'd skew the statistics in the way you describe, but I personally doubt they exist. ;-)

Why is this surpirising? Surely some relationships are casual (and unsafe, yes), but of the "partner" kind of relationships I can see why the woman would want to know herself first. I'm sure I would.

If you were intending men to guess whether their partners had tests, I don't think the question indicated that.

There's clearly significant reporting bias there, unless the gender split of livejournal_uk really is 5:1 in favour of women.

(Tho' my guess is that will have hidden an even greater number of women testing without telling their partner(s).)

I've tested without telling a partner - it's the best way to stop some people needlessly panicking when you know it's more likely to be something else (eg stress, new pill etc) but just want to check for your own peace of mind.

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