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There were lots of good films in 1971

I'd expect people to have seen many of these:

10 Rillington Place - Richard Attenborough as serial killer and necrophile.

Abominable Dr. Phibes, The - Vincent Price camp classic

And Now for Something Completely Different - Monty Python sketches

Anderson Tapes, The - Connery robbery while being watched

Andromeda Strain, The - Michael Crichton adaptation

Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Disney mix of live action and animation

Beguiled, The - Clint Eastwood gets interesting #1

Carnal Knowledge - Mike Nicholls directs Nicholson

Clockwork Orange, A - Kubrick masterpiece

Devils, The - Ken Russell goes mad

Diamonds Are Forever - my favourite Bond

Dirty Harry - Clint Eastwood shoots people

Duel - Spielberg's breakthrough

Fiddler on the Roof - Topol musical

French Connection, The - with the best car chase, ever

Get Carter - One of Michael Caine's finest

Growing Up: A New Approach to Sex Education, No. 1 - Martin Cole shows real live sex

Harold and Maude - he's obsessed with death, she's dying

Johnny Wadd - John Holmes + plot: why Boogie Nights was made

Kidnapped - Michael Caine does a decent Stevenson adaptation

Klute - Donald Sutherland + Jane Fonda

Last Picture Show, The - Bogdanovich's best

Le Mans - Steve McQueen + cars

Mary, Queen of Scots - Vanessa Redgrave & Glenda Jackson

Morte a Venezia - aka Death in Venice

Pink Narcissus - gay classic

Play Misty for Me - Clint Eastwood gets interesting #2

Rouge aux lèvres, Le - aka Daughters of Darkness, classic lesbian vampire

Shaft - John Shaft!

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Jackson again, bi classic

THX 1138 - When Lucas could do plots

Trafic - Monsieur Hulot

Tragedy of Macbeth, The - Polanski's version

Unman, Wittering and Zigo - aren't British public schools great.. for murder.

Up Pompeii - film version of titterful UK TV sitcom

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - the original

(The only two I haven't seen - but would pay to do so - are Johnny Wadd and the Martin Cole sex ed. All the rest are worth watching.)

But none of these was apparently #1 at the UK box office that year.

What do you think was?

(Update: and even if you don't want to guess, how many have you seen?)
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