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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Half of all advertising spend is wasted
mini me + poo
Someone called round, asking for details about this weekend's London Pride.

So I looked at a copy of QX which has the details, and was able to tell them things like where and when.

Opposite is a full page ad from Brighton Pride. Quite a lot of text, but... none of it tells me when the sodding thing actually is!?!

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As you may have heard me relate before, we once received a leaflet at work advertising a seminar on "clear and effective communication". We looked at it for a few minutes and couldn't find the date or place of the event.

The worst think is it was actually right there on the page, but it was writen clearlly and effectively in lovely English prose in the middle of a large paragraph. Boggle!

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