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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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I've not seen this reported anywhere
mini me + poo
But does anyone know which carriages on the tube trains had the bombs?

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Kings Cross was the first carriage, and I think the third at Aldgate and the second at Edgware - this has just been confirmed by the police at their press conference on BBC News 24, so information should be generally available shortly.

This is what the BBC News website is saying too. They're also saying the bombs were less than 10lb of explosive and placed on the floor of the tube trains, and on the floor or downstairs seat of the bus.

Not gay bombers then, that's second carriage...

Why aren't they all in the middle of the train?

Bombing an end carriage makes evacuation harder, as there's only one way out for the whole train if it's in a tunnel. If you have the resources + sufficiently evil intent, you do one at each end of the train = maximum problems for two bombs.

When I use the train for work, I go in the front (if I've not got a travelcard or it's not a Wimbledon train) or rear (if I have and it is) carriage, because the few seconds saved at the other end outweigh(ed) the slight extra risk re crashes or rational bombers.

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