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Mime, but it's good #3
mini me + poo
Ballet, actually, but what's that except mime to music? :)

This afternoon, we saw the Australian Ballet do 'Swan Lake' at ENO. I'm usually a bit ishy about ballet, but this was exceptional - I particularly liked the updated choreography - and it held Jo Anna's attention for three hours. Fab value at £15 each for front stalls too.

Your last chance to see it in London is tomorrow afternoon at 2:30pm:

"Don't miss this opportunity to see 'Swan Lake' at the amazing price of just £15 for best Stalls and Dress Circle seats (a saving of up to £55).

To book call the ENO Box Office now on 020 7632 8300, quoting 'ENO e-mail offer'."

I dunno, what with this lot and the Umbilical Brothers, perhaps Australians are so good at mime because they're all shy and retiring types who don't really like talking :))

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One of hte quotes I've often heard about dancing is that it's like being a musician, but where your body is the instrument.

Sadly, they are sold out

I just rang because one of bluerose's other partners loves ballet and wanted to be a ballet dancer before he became an architect, and they're at church now so I thought I'd check it out in case they're selling out..and they have.

:)) me included, naturally.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

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