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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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The BBC test the public's knowledge of cricket
mini me + poo
.. and find it rather mixed.

"Yet one man was able to tell us every member of the team along with all of England's Test venues.

"We were rather taken aback, until he turned out to be Gerard Elias QC, chairman of the [English Cricket Board's] disciplinary committee."

Update: Oops! Right link this time, I hope. The previous one was worksafe for me, but may not have been for you, sorry.

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That link was NOT the BBC! But a very interesting read nonetheless

Interesting combination of URL and title - is "Sarah Jane" of Romford a cricket fan?

I hope he has Email commenting configured 'on', else it might take him a while to notice "Sarah Jane" is probably not a cricket fan.

I do, I do - thank you both.

This is the joys of work, I didn't notice that the clipboard still had the link I was supposed to be looking at rather than the one I wasn't :)

There's not many people have jobs where they'd be that way round! *grin*

[insert tired cricketing innuendo about scoring, balls and stumps here]

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