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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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mini me + poo
"A few years back, Mr Mandela arrived at the restaurant I worked at in Westminster. It was my job to serve him his carrots.

While doing so, I felt compelled to ask him a personal question - a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?

I decided on asking which music had brought him solace and hope during those years on Robben Island. I'd read the biography and knew 'Shosholoza' was a favourite, but get this.

He beckoned me closer and told me quietly, 'Actually, it was "Shosholoza" for my brothers, but when I really needed some me time, I'd stick on some classic Kraftwerk."

- Simon Strevens, Time Out letters Oct 12th: "Werkers of the world unite!"

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That's freaking awesome. :^)

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