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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Hello Mac-ians 2
mini me + poo
OK, how about a Mac OS 8.1 CD-ROM?

The bloody thing is currently declining to boot properly, despite being fine before it was left for a week. 'Happy Mac' and the desktop come up ok, but trying to display a menu locks it up with a blank space where the menu should be. Ditto with opening a folder.

There are some 7.5.x floppy disks here, but 'obviously' that doesn't allow you to use the floppy drive for anything else... including getting a ROM image so I can run a Mac emulator on the PC.

I'm guessing that there's a fonty problem somewhere (the blank menus) but when I boot up with a 7.5.x floppy and click on the HD's 7.1 Control Panels / View, it complains that the setting for font size should be a number - it is!? Are the settings that I can eventually change there being saved to the floppy? Where on the floppy?

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The mac stores its preferences in the preferences folder in the syste folder.... I sent you a reply to your email last night, but its complaining that ur address isn't alive - I'll resend later if I'm still getting mailer daemons...

errr.... menu missing I don't recognise the problem and have checked a mac-bible type thing [Disclaimer: I didn't spend my cash on it, I was given it by someone stupid who bought the wrong one.. I'd not waste my money on them.....] and it doesn't have anything similar.

I'd say if rebuilding desktop and starting up with extensions off (described in email) and zapping PRAM (equiv of BIOS battery on a pc per se...) didn't work then a system reinstall will be required.

Disks will be posted Tuesday, Ithink I'm slightly more Diurnal now, (toomuchdaylight arrrggghh) so shoul see the Post office in openinghours ;)

I'll check email arrived later, if you receive it, let me know it got thru.


The problem seems to be connected with the Desktop Folder - if you ask it to rebuild it, it gets a short way into doing so and then locks up.

Did you get this sorted? I don't really have any useful suggestions (other than the possibility of menu problems being caused by the MBDF virus, but I guess you're more organised than me and have anti-virus software).

I've got 8.1 on my Mac - I bought it with 8.0 and had to download 8.1 in 13 disk-sized segments off Apple's site. I've had minor font issues with my menus, mainly when a certain app is run on the machine (menus and items in Eudora show up in a different font to normal) but it doesn't seem to affect the running of the machine. I'm wondering about upgrading to 8.6 but I don't know if it's worth it (and I don't believe it's a free download).

No is the short answer. Various attempts have managed to get the thing to crash in various new ways, and it is currently awaiting a disk with a program that promises to delete the Desktop Folder and create a new one.

Are the 8.1 images still on Apple's ftp site?

Don't know: I got them about 3.5 years ago!

I will check. If you need them I can arrange to get them to you somehow, if it'll help.

Are you doing a complete re-install or just trying a fix?

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