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Hello Mac-ians 2

OK, how about a Mac OS 8.1 CD-ROM?

The bloody thing is currently declining to boot properly, despite being fine before it was left for a week. 'Happy Mac' and the desktop come up ok, but trying to display a menu locks it up with a blank space where the menu should be. Ditto with opening a folder.

There are some 7.5.x floppy disks here, but 'obviously' that doesn't allow you to use the floppy drive for anything else... including getting a ROM image so I can run a Mac emulator on the PC.

I'm guessing that there's a fonty problem somewhere (the blank menus) but when I boot up with a 7.5.x floppy and click on the HD's 7.1 Control Panels / View, it complains that the setting for font size should be a number - it is!? Are the settings that I can eventually change there being saved to the floppy? Where on the floppy?

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